Metroid: Once Again, Japan Tops Us In The Game Packaging Department

I never really had a problem with the packaging for Other M till I saw the following on my Twitter feed, via my pal James Mielke:

There’s what the Japanese edition of the game looks like, with the key feature being a outer slipcase. Here it is being taken off:

And here’s what the font looks like, sans slipcase. So simple and so sexy:

To be honest, I’m shocked we didn’t get the same thing here in the states. After-all, when the Metroid Trilogy came out, we got treated to the very attractive metal tin. But this totally blows it away. Oh, one last pic, of the back:

Guess it’s time to pick up an import copy! Of a game I already have, and which I won’t be able to play since my Wii doesn’t play Japanese tiles. And I bet after all is said and done, it’ll cost me like $100. But I just can’t resist…