The 5 Awesomest Bollywood Action Scenes

The 5 Awesomest Bollywood Action Scenes

The Indian movie industry is well-known for gigantic, ridiculous dance numbers, but did you also know they can knock out a hell of an action scene? In this feature, I’ll share some of the awesomest, most balls-out Bollywood stunts I have ever seen. From breakdancing horses to long-distance swordplay, these bits will have you heading to Netflix in an instant. And yes, I know that there are other centers of film production in India besides Bollywood, these might not all be Bollywood, etc etc, just chill out, OK? It’s not that important.

Magadheera was described to me as the “Indian Die Hard,” and from what this awesome showdown has on offer, it doesn’t seem that far off the mark. When you start out swordfighting with a helicopter’s propeller, you can’t go anywhere but amazing from there.

This clip from Kannada Kirin Bedi stars actress Malashri, who kicks ass in a way that would make English-language action stars blush. Check out the brutal headbutt that starts this one off.

The dude with the mustache is Rajnikanth, probably the greatest star to emerge from the “Tollywood” scene. Obviously, he’s great because he has superhuman ass-kicking powers.