Tokyo Game Show: It’s Like A Dream Come True

So the Tokyo Game Show is happening like this very second, and many folks (myself included) were wondering what the land of the rising sun would have in store for the rest of the gaming world. It was at least year’s event in which the creator of Mega Man, Keiji Inafune, pretty much said that Japan’s days were numbered as the ones to show the rest of the world how good games were made, as had been the case for practically decades (until Microsoft proved that you don’t need to be a Japanese electronics giant to have a successful video game console).

Earlier today we got a small taste of things to come, and it was hardly less than encouraging. Not only is Devil May Cry in the hands of filthy Americans, and the Suda 51 X Shinji Mikami joint looks quite unlike what one might expect from such a pairing (i.e. unstylish and quite boring). But at least, via Microsoft of all people, comes some rays of hope that Japan is not down for the count…

1. Radiant Silvergun is finally coming back home!

Ever heard of the name Radiant Silvergun? It’s the shmup for the Sega Saturn that is practically the stuff of legends, and for good reason: it’s legit that good. I had a copy back in the day, but when times got rough for me, had to party ways with it to make rent. Thankfully it covered the entire month, and the value has only increased. So instead of forking over $400 to some creepy eBay douche for a used copy, or wait another 15 years for Saturn emulation to finally become decent, simply wait for a slightly enhanced port! They say the visuals have been refined, but I’m hoping they don’t mess with it too much. Too be honest, those chunky pixels were a sight to behold.

2. Panzer Dragoon is also returning! Sorta.

Via the Kinect; Yukio Futatsugi, the man responsible for the Panzer Dragoon series for the Saturn, plus the criminally underrated Phantom Dust for the Xbox 1, is spear-heading a game called Project Draco in which you ride a dragon to engage in combat, plus while on the ground you have to bond with your steed by talking to it and stuff like that. Sorry, I’d much rather talk to a Panzer Dragoon-looking creature than some goofy looking tiger.

3. And Steel Battalion is making a return as well, via the, you guessed it, Kinect.

Some might also recall that wacky mecha game for the Xbox 1 with the GIGANTIC controller that your rich friend, the one who makes your self professed hardcore gamer tendencies seem like child’s play in comparison, had. Remember how awesome it was how if you didn’t hit the eject button before your robot completely blew up, the save file would be deleted? Anyway, yes, it’s that game and it’s coming back, sans the tricked out rig. Which means it’ll be far more affordable, but given how that was the original’s selling point, who knows how well it’ll all work out in the end?

Anyway, here’s the teaser trailer:

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