Your Pit Crew Dude In Wave Race Hates Your Guts

Got a copy of Wave Race: Blue Storm just lying around the house, collecting dust? Here’s a reason to give it a spin (seriously). Via the video game wasteland that is NeoGAF comes the discovery of a code for the game that turns the normally peppy and ultra supportive pit crew dude into a negative, surly bastard. Here’s the instructions, straight from the source:

“OK, boot up Wave Race: Blue Storm.
Go to Options and Audio Settings.
There’s a waveform display at the bottom that changes if you press the Z Button—tap Z until the waveform looks like vertically rising fog.
On the D-Pad, press Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, A, X, Z. You’ll hear an audio cue if you did it right.
Back out to the front end.
Start a race. Pick the first guy.
The pit crew voice will now be some dude who basically insults you the entire time. Also, the turbo becomes a little girl’s voice saying ‘meow meow'”

And here’s the code in action:

Sorta neat, but he doesn’t go full on with the douchiness. Hey, it’s still a Nintendo game, what do you expect? The other big issue is that this is Blue Storm we’re talking about, which pales in comparison to the still brilliant (and very much playable) 64 version. Which had a far more entertaining voice over. I’d pay good money to hear that dude tell me to screw up and die.