Faster Movie Preview

Nothing like a good action movie, fast cars, big explosions, gun toting bad guys and a good guy who refuses to go down no matter how many people try to kill him. So it goes without saying that we’re excited here at Heavy about Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson‘s new action flick Faster coming out November 24th.

It’s been a couple years since Dwayne has been in a full throttle action movie. Not that there’s anything wrong tough guys dipping their toes in comedy (The Other Guys) or family fare (Race to Witch Mountain), everybody from Bruce Willis to Arnold Schwarzenegger has gone down that path. But Dwayne just seems at his best when he’s taking names and cracking heads.

Here’s the “rundown” (another Rock movie worth checking out) on Faster. After 10 years in prison, Driver (Dwayne Johnson) has a singular focus – to avenge the murder of his brother during the botched bank robbery that led to his imprisonment. This becomes numero uno on Driver’s “things to do after prison” list. The hunter becomes the hunted however, when a veteran cop (Billy Bob Thornton) just days from retirement, and a young egocentric hitman (Oliver Jackson-Cohen) pickup on Driver’s scent. With an R rating, we can expect all the good stuff that makes action movies great- violence, strong language, etc.

Check out the redband trailer for Faster here. It’s sure to provide some much needed escape from annoying relatives following Thanksgiving dinner.

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