Just Another Reason Why I Can’t Stand Best Buy

Fun-fact: I absolutely loathe Best Buy. As much as I can’t stand the idiots that stand behind the counter at your average Gamestop, at least they’re mostly harmless. Whereas everything about Best Buy is about ripping clueless saps.

Such as myself once upon a time; like an idiot, I purchased one of their “extended” warranties for a digital camera, and when there finally came an issue, they left me high and dry on a technicality. Worse was how they actually damaged my camera even more so in the hands of their crack team of morons!

Though I was never gullible enough to fall for the ploys of their so-called Geek Squad. But unfortunately, many across the country have. Bottom line is that most folks are simply not that technically inclined, so the very concept certainly seems sound. But example after example has only proven that Best Buy is only about one thing, and one thing alone: ripping people off. Latest example:

Jesus Christ. Some might say that those stupid enough to fall for such tricks deserve to get ripped off, which is a pretty piss-poor attitude to say the least. No matter how dumb they are (again, victims like parents or just those that aren’t super into video games and/or technology mostly certainly am not), no one deserves to be flat-out robbed in such a manner.

Now more than ever, I miss Circuit City. Via Kotaku.

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