Mega Man Legends 3 Is For The People, By The People

Last weekend in NYC was the New York Comic Con, and for gamers at the show, easily the biggest reason to be there was Keiji Inafune, one of head hanchos at Capcom, but more importantly, the man who created Mega Man. And as some folks might have already heard, the much requested Mega Man Legends 3 is finally on it’s way for the Nintendo 3DS. Though the official name is Mega Man Legends 3 Project, and the man himself explained what exactly is meant by the addition of that last word in the title:

Megaman Legends 3 Project – Trailer (All)2010-10-14T02:54:35Z

To recap, Inafune is asking the fans to chip in and contribute towards the game, mostly ideas, though he’s also looking out for voice actors? There seems to be a bit of a reality show element in the works as well; one lucky Mega fan will be chosen to actually work on the game directly, and on-site.

The notion of fanboys and girls being involved is certainly an intriguing one… most don’t know this, but all the wacky robot master in parts 3 and so forth were all from Japanese school kids via contests. And truth be told, nowadays, fans seem to have a better grip on certain characters that the publishers behind them (just compare fan remakes of Sonic 3 to the official, and abysmal, Sonic 4). Though I can’t recall the last time Capcom truly dropped the ball on a Mega Man game, or a flat out POS Capcom title either.

At this early stage, the portal in which fans will be interacting with the creators with, has only thus far a poll in which folks are asked to choose which heroine they’d like in the game. Id be totally fine if this was the rest of the course of the game’s development: a bunch of notable talents from Mega Man games past, all pitching ideas (though the real test is to see what comes out on top). I personally like Toru Nakayama’s idea the best, but that’s only cuz I’m such a raging Mega Man Zero fanboy.