Hipster City Cycle Game Review

Hipster City Cycle

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If you’re looking for a new game to make those long commutes to work go by a little quicker or burn away the minutes in study hall, might I make a suggestion? Hipster City Cycle,  a very cool game that’s reminiscent of NES’ Paperboy with a nice mix of  mustaches and skinny jeans to give it that hipster vibe. If you don’t call a hipster enclave like Williamsburg, Brooklyn or Portland, OR home, not to worry, a few minutes of peddling around the pixelated city streets of Philly and you’ll feel the hipster irony coursing through your thumbs.

Set in the various neighborhoods of Philadelphia, you race as Binky a tracially privileged hipster burdened with a cushy trust fund, high paying job and swanky pad. Poor Binky. By winning bike races and building a following of party hardy fans, players will ultimately help Binky reach his goal of  burning through that trust fund and progressing (or, regressing, rather) from his upscale apartment  to PBR laden dive in West Philly.

Not the easiest of missions, players will have to develop some cycling skill as they tackle the city’s busy streets, while challenging rival cyclists and dodging motorists, while in search of the next cheesesteak or flirtatious hipster chick.

Created by five friends who met in school, the game has a classic retro feel that’s topped off with an original chip-tune soundtrack done with repurposed Game Boys. A fitting homage to Philly, seen through a pair of over-sized vintage frames – the game hits the Apple App store May 19th.

Check out some gameplay below.