Music For: Positive Vibes

Comfort is the core of this round-up—these songs feel good, Pure X good. They compliment healthy serotonin levels, or perhaps can send them sky-high. Up we go:

[BoxTitle]TV Girl: Benny and the Jetts EP[/BoxTitle] [FreeDownload][/FreeDownload]

Crafting smart, infectious, and refreshingly youthful odd pop, San Diego’s TV Girl have made an Internet name for themselves since filling a bandcamp with gems last year. They returned this past week with another EP, and it’s the kind of release that can take over your day, 10 minute loops at a time. Highlight “Lizzy Come Back to Life” hops along on a throwback Motown melody re-imagined through hip-hip pace, as one clever line after another shoots over to its title girl.

[BoxTitle]Big Troubles[/BoxTitle]

Of the many fuzzed out slackers of the moment, these guys have true staying power. New Jersey’s Big Troubles has a knack for hiding their songwriting chops behind the static, only to completely pull you through it over time—and once inside, total bliss. Last year’s debut LP, Worry, still hits as fresh and carefree to this day, now clearly one of the most underrated albums of 2010. Slated for September, the follow-up Romantic Comedy will find likely find a band with more recording capabilities than ever before. Lead single “Misery” (don’t be fooled by the name), has them flashing their brightest power-pop colors on a “I just wanna have some fun” chorus.

[BoxTitle]Tiger Waves[/BoxTitle] [Listen][/Listen]

They are young, with a typical band name, and for now just living on a soundcloud, but there’s all sorts of Beach Boys-y promise to this Austin duo. They of course harmonize well, and do so within a jungle of effects, not unlike “Lion In A Coma” era Animal Collective. Worthy of ‘keep an eye on’ status.

[BoxTitle]La Big Vic: Actually[/BoxTitle] [MusicVideos target="blank"][/MusicVideos] [Listen][/Listen]

Comic health makes sense here too. Brooklyn’s La Big Vic crosses direct dream-pop with violin-enriched galactic wandering. Debut album Actually can both patiently float and spontaneous soar, sometimes within the same song, all anchored by Emilie Friedlander’s stoic vocals. And on the visually speaking, “Mr. Broken Bird” is pretty out of this world (check the video above). Get a peek into their creative process here.

[BoxTitle]Taj Mahal: Happy Just To Be Like I Am[/BoxTitle] [Listen][/Listen]

This week’s legendary inclusion, Happy Just To Be Like I Am, is an all-time, anytime, go-to vibes album for me personally. The 1971 classic is sweet, eclectic blues delivered with a smile. There’s a certain groove and lift throughout, and it pairs well with just about anything (try a record player and a glass of whiskey). The man has been quite prolific; 49 albums are listed on his website, and it seems he is far from done.

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