Stroked: A Tribute to Is This It

[BoxTitle]Stroked[/BoxTitle] [FreeDownload][/FreeDownload]

The Strokes debut album, Is This It, was released on July 30th, 2001, and the rest – instant success, sold out shows, fights, failures, rehabs, comebacks, and one ever-present leather jacket – is history. To celebrate the 10th anniversary of the universally loved and usually considered best album from The Strokes, the good folks at Stereogum have put together an album of covers for you to download. Free! Hear Austra, Peter, Bjorn and John, The Morning Benders, Real Estate, Heems and others rework the tracks you already love. With a look at 10 years back, read all about the impact Is This It had on the NYC scene, the world of rock and roll, and the individual artists involved with this project.

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