What’s New In Games This Week

It’s yet another slow week, but there are at least two new offerings that should help pass the summer lull. Well, technically one is actually old, unless you only own a PS3, then it’s brand spanking new!

[BoxTitle]Limbo[/BoxTitle] [WatchTrailer]http://heavy.com/games/2011/06/limbo-game-trailer/[/WatchTrailer]

Last summer’s hit puzzle platformer has finally landed on the PS3, so now Sony-only connoisseurs can finally see what the hype was all about. Basically, it’s presented in black and white, and the overall effect has caused many folks to scream “See, video games CAN be art!” Though just as many have smashed their heads against the wall, due to its mind-melting puzzles. Note: some claim it’s a bit on the short side, considering the price of admission, but the best stuff always leaves you wanting more, right? PS3

Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet
[BoxTitle]Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet[/BoxTitle] [WatchTrailer]http://heavy.com/games/games-videos/game-trailers/2010/04/insanely-twisted-shadow-planet-trailer/[/WatchTrailer]

Whereas Limbo was last year’s darling of the indie set, this summer’s is most definitely Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet. Much like Limbo, it’s a super stylized take on old school gameplay. The premise is simple: fly around, shoot at stuff, don’t get shot yourself (or smashed to bits). Even the look of the game is… not so much simple, just nice and clean. Xbox Live Arcade