Domo Genesis: Under The Influence

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Another member of the Odd Future clique gets a turn in the spotlight: Domo Genesis. This 20-year old is pretty clear about one thing: he loves weed. “Imma talk pot on every verse that I’m on / I’m a pothead,” he lets us know, and then lives up to his promise. Under The Influence is a shockingly mellow and, dare I say, almost “traditional” piece of work compared to anything else under the OFWGKTA umbrella – maybe it’s for the fans who like their beats without the graphic rape and murder. The instrumentals are borrowed, beautiful and bouncy. Domo’s style is relaxed and flows at comfortable, head-nodding pace. I wouldn’t say there is anything ground-breaking here, but this might be one of the few Odd Future releases I’ve given multiple listens because I want to.