This Week In Gaming News

It’s been another busy week in the world of video games news. Dare I say historic? The untimely passing of this generation’s Thomas Edison is pretty much at the very top of the list, but we also have a studio closing its doors, despite being responsible for one of this year’s biggest hits, proof that Microsoft’s plan to take over your entertainment center is very much real, and all sorts of hijinks as it relates to buggy games…

Gamers across the country have been enjoying the multiplayer beta for Battlefield 3 all week long, though many of the game’s bugs have also been widely disclosed. Just a casual search of YouTube will produce all manner of proof, including footage of disappearing terrain, artillery that simply in mid air at random, and soldiers that exhibit hilarious (or in some cases freakish, to point of being disturbing) behavior. At least it’s a beta; the PC version of Rage has been plagued with issues that are unbecoming of a retail product. It mostly has to do with texture appearing too late, or not at all, which are only rectified with the latest drivers for your graphics card. Why this wasn’t made clear before the game’s release remains a mystery.

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