This Week In Gaming News

Yet another big week in video game news, as Nintendo finally reaps what its been sowing, one of the most anticipated games in a very long time is formally announced, and Blizzard Entertainment finds itself in the midst of a different kind of storm, a PR driven nightmare to be exact.

Nintendo Financial Woes [BoxTitle]Nintendo Posts Record Losses[/BoxTitle]

Nintendo of Japan had been prepared themselves for bad news, but turns out, things are much worse than even their bleak expectations. Instead of posting a $500 million loss over the past six months, it was almost twice that amount. Numerous reasons have been cited, such as the smartphone business eating away at their handheld gaming market share, along with the lack of compelling software in general, especially on the console side. The fact that they’re mostly concentrating on Wii U development, which won’t be out for a while, does not help matters much.

This news has sent a ripple effect throughout the industry. Long considered one of the most dependable stocks in the Japanese stock market, many are now questioning the long-term health of the once mighty giant. Everything from the President being replaced to a call for embracing the iPhone has been demanded by analysts and stock holders alike. In response, it has been claimed that the 3DS is finally gaining traction, and a renewed commitment towards more games, plus a greater variety of software in general, has been pledged.

The First Real Signs Of Change From Nintendo Announced
Hot off the heals of the aforementioned financial woes, Nintendo detailed a number of changes coming to the 3DS’s eShop. This includes demos of games, sleep mode downloads, and the ability to purchase and manage via a separate web portal. All common procedure for pretty much everyone else, but something unheard of from Nintendo.

Battlefield 3 [BoxTitle]One Of The Biggest Games Of The Year Finally Arrives[/BoxTitle] [Trailer][/Trailer]

The long awaited Battlefield 3 was finally released, and even though final first day sales figures have yet to be released, many are expecting records numbers for EA. Though not surprisingly, console players have had a hard time enjoying online matches, due to their servers being frequently blown out from constant demands. Meanwhile, PC players have been non-stop with their complaints regarding Battlog’s social networking aspects. Yet, folks are still playing the game, regardless.

Sega Brags About Sonic Generation’s Pre-Order Success
Sega has been quite pleased with the record number of pre-sales for the latest Sonic game, which brings together the blue-tinged hedgehog from past and present, side-by-side. It’s proof positive that people actually believe that Sega has crafted a Sonic game that lives up to the promises (at long last): no stupid gimmicks, just the player as Sonic, running and jumping, that’s it. Though the pre-order brags should be taken with a grain of salt since its most successful games came out during an era in which pre-orders were hardly common, nor do any pushes from recent titles stand out one bit.

Grand Theft Auto V[BoxTitle]Grand Theft Auto 5 Finally Announced, Rumors Flying Hard And Heavy[/BoxTitle]

Easily one of the most anticipated games in many years has been formally teased by Rockstar. At the moment, zero info has been revealed; all that we know is what the logo looks like. As a result, the rumor-mill has been working overtime; most at this point claim that the game will take place in Rockstar’s version of Los Angeles, Los Santos, last seen in GTA3: San Andreas. Some also believe that the game will feature multiple playable characters, including a female protagonist, which would be a first for any Rockstar title.

The First Big Video Game Sale Of The Year Starts This Sunday

It being the end of the year, a time in which everyone’s looking to pick something up as gift for that special someone this upcoming holiday season, while a few dollars, one should expect to see plenty of game deals and sales. Even though we’re a month away from Thanksgiving, when most sales kick off, Target is having a massive two for one sale starting this Sunday through next Saturday. It’s perfect for those wanting to pick up Uncharted 3, which hits next shelves Tuesday, and haven’t gotten either Battlefield 3 or Batman: Arkham City.


[BoxTitle]BlizzCon Celebrates Upcoming Releases, But Offends Their Gay Fanbase[/BoxTitle]
Last weekend was Blizzard Entertainment’s yearly fan fest, in which numerous announcements were made. Including a new World of Warcraft expansion, Mists of Pandaria, and their take on Super Smash Bros (somewhat), Blizzard DOTA. New trailers for StarCraft 2: Heart of the Swarm and Diablo 3 were unveiled, and Diablo’s 15 year anniversary was also celebrated.

Though controversy arose from their decision to play interview footage of George ‘Corpseater’ Fisher, lead singer of Cannibal Corpse, who was on-hand to lend guest vocals to Level 90 Epic Tauren Chieftain’s closeout performance. The clip, in which Fisher details his opinions regarding WOW, contained numerous homophobic slurs. Which in turn caused GLAD to demand answers. Initially Blizzard brushed the controversy off, saying that Fisher’s statements meant no harm. Then an about turn recently took place, in which Blizzard’s president, Mike Morhaime, issued a formally apology.

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