This Week In Gaming News

Yet another happening week in the world of video games news, including a first look at one of the most eagerly anticipated games of all time, one of this year’s biggest releases being let out of the gates early, plus Nintendo pledging to make the 3DS a success for the 15th time this week.

Meanwhile, one of next week’s biggest releases, and yet another one of this year’s hottest titles, goes on sale next Tuesday. But various K-Marts across the country have broken Modern Warfare 3’s street date and been selling the game early. At first, a Microsoft representative via Twitter noted that it was okay for folks to play the game, since it was obtained legally. But a few hours later, he was forced to recant that statement, due to pressure from Activision. At this point, anyone who plays it on Xbox Live will have their account suspended. And it’s a safe bet that those copies still on shelves have been pulled, making it a hot item on eBay. Last night, one copy sold for almost $2,000.

Nintendo Pledges Support For the 3DS At All Costs
Clearly still reeling from the bad financial news of last week, the President of Nintendo of Japan, Satoru Iwata, laid out a plan for the still struggling new handheld, which emphasized the need to strengthen the system’s software offerings and overall abilities, even at the cost of profits. And in addition to all the aforementioned changes, including more games in general, and a connection with smart phones, the company has pledged to create new genres. Given that the DS was made a juggernaut thanks to titles like Nintendogs and Brain Age, which was something completely new at the time, doing something totally different might be the best possible strategy, but is obviously easier said than done.

Capcom Decides To Follow Sega’s Cue With Resident Evil
In a move that’s pretty much identical to Sega, who re-released their Wii light gun game, House Of The Dead Overkill, onto the PS3, Capcom is doing the same with Resident Evil. Both Umbrella Chronicles and Darkside Chronicles will be packaged together, and given a healthy visual boost naturally, in the form of Resident Evil Chronicles HD, as yet another component of their celebration of the franchise’s 15th anniversary.

PAX East 2012 Dates Finally Announced, Religious Types Are Less Than Pleased
Tickets for the third installment of the east cast version of the Penny Arcade Expo just went on sale. It’ll be taking place in Boston once again, on April 6-8. Unfortunately, that’s also Easter and Passover weekend, which has ruffled some people’s feathers, given that many folks in the northeast are quite faithful when it comes to their chosen belief systems.

Spike TV’s year award show for video games and gamers will be hitting the airwaves next month. To wet everyone’s appetites, it’s been revealed that various high profile games will be getting the spotlight, including the next Alan Wake, something new from the makers of Mass Effect 3, and Metal Gear Solid: Rising, which hasn’t been heard of in literally years (to the point that many had assumed it has been quietly cancelled).