This Week In Gaming News

It’s a big of a light week, news-wise, though there’s no shortage of things to talk about. Like how the new producer for Metal Gear Rising might fare, how not to treat borrowed property and how not accuse Nintendo of promoting the wearing of fur!

The controversial and extremist animal rights group, PETA, released yet another Flash game that targets a popular franchise for encouraging the persecution of furry little creatures in their eyes. In this instance, the target was Nintendo, who had just released Super Mario 3D Land. The belief is that him donning the Tanooki suit is a way of telling all the kids out there that wearing fur is a-okay.

Not surprisingly, the backlash was sudden and fierce, primarily those astute enough to point the cultural insensitivity of their accusations. Which in turn has forced the organization to backpedal, but in a half-assed manner. Now they claim that they were just poking fun at Nintendo in order to call attention to a serious, and completely unrelated matter.