These Go to 11 Awards: Top Games

These Go to 11 Awards: Top Games

As clichéd as it sounds, 2011 will indeed go down in the history books as the year in which so many legit mind-blowing games came out for virtually every platform. It’s never been a better time to be a gamer, without question. But if you’re strapped for time, or money, or both, then simply refer to the following. They are, simply put, the best of the best.

Mortal Kombat
[BoxTitle]Mortal Kombat[/BoxTitle] [Trailer][/Trailer] [BuyNow][/BuyNow] [Badge num="11" class="eleven"/]

Talk about a come back; the once sole contender to Street Fighter’s crown had fallen off the map in recent years, due to subpar sequels that lacked focus. To the point that it was in serious jeopardy of disappearing forever. But a renewed focus on back to basics paved the way towards a feature rich and flat out fun to play reboot that easily surpasses SF at long last.

Uncharted 3
[BoxTitle]Uncharted 3[/BoxTitle] [Trailer][/Trailer] [BuyNow][/BuyNow] [Badge num="10" class="eleven"/]

It really says something about the times we live in, in which Uncharted 3 can be considered a disappointment. Despite the amazing tale that’s woven, the impossible not to like characters, and finely tuned gameplay that builds upon what has been firmly established in the first two installments. Sure it’s not as groundbreaking, but it’s hella fun, and that’s all that really counts in the end.

Portal 2
[BoxTitle]Portal 2[/BoxTitle] [Trailer][/Trailer] [BuyNow][/BuyNow] [Badge num="9" class="eleven"/]

At the risk of sounding over dramatic, if you want to save the American education system and get kids interested in physics for once in their lives, show them this game. And simply put, no other game out there will give you a splitting headache as you struggle to comprehend the puzzles and basic concepts being put forth, but do so in a totally awesome manner.

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