These Go To 11 Awards: Top Movie Supercuts

God's Eye ViewThis type of shot is commonly referred to as a "God's Eye View" angle. The camera lens is perpendicular to the subject without any POV reference, which gives the viewer an omniscient viewpoint of the character and the surrounding space. The video is cut to the Yeah Yeah Yeah's "Down Boy" from the "Is Is"…2011-10-31T18:06:13.000Z

Whether shot from a crane, mounted on a helicopter, or hanging from the ceiling, the God’s Eye View gives us a new perspective on any story. Extra points for the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s track.

Keep On WalkingAnd try to keep up … Thanks for watching! Watch it with Titles at this link.

Can you name that back? Here are some of Hollywood’s most famous folks, walking away.

Wolfman Like MeI noticed that most werewolf movies follow a similar theme and tried to show that in this video. Check it out. The song is Wolf Like Me by TV on the Radio. Enjoy.2010-11-16T03:14:36.000Z

Set to TV On The Radio’s galloping track “Wolf Like Me”, about two werewolves on a date, this suprcut is all about the fur.

Black Mambo (Kill BIll Remix)Been working on this one for a while! Sorry I was gone for so long. This is a track composed entirely from the audio track from kill bill volumes 1 and 2. (yes even the drums and percussion!) The only thing I added was the bass! This was something I've wanted to do since I…2011-12-07T06:22:25.000Z

A wicked supercut / remix with all the audio and video made up entirely from Kill Bill Volumes 1 & 2.

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