This Week In Gaming News

The man who created Mario walking away from Nintendo? Playing super charged PC games on your iPhone via proxy? An immortal pink scorpion dude used to ward of piracy? Just another week in the wacky world of video games…

Shigeru Miyamoto
[BoxTitle]Retirement Talk From Nintendo’s Kingpin Causes Panic [/BoxTitle]

The person in question is Shigeru Miyamoto, who has been Nintendo’s primary creative force (and thus their ace in the hole, the reason why they’ve been able to remain relevant) for decades now. So when word came out, in an interview with Wired, that he was ready to step aside from his role of General Manager to help mold the next generation of gamers many folks were somewhat understandably concerned. Since all of a sudden, the very future of the company was in question. As a result, the already beleaguered stock took a drastic hit, causing Nintendo to go into total damage control mode. His handlers are now claiming that while he’s always been interested in molding the minds of tomorrow’s game makers, he’s not going anywhere. And in the end, some of what he said was lost in transition, which is somewhat plausible.

OnLive Finally Releases iOS and Android Apps
For the past year, PC and Mac gamers end have been able to play various high resolution games that are actually running on a separate computer, one that’s far away and considerably more powerful. Which are thus played via one’s comparably modest set-up, provided they have a consistent enough internet signal to stream the content. Plans have been in the works for iOS and Android gamers to get in on the action, and that’s finally happened with the release of long-awaited apps. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work quite perfectly on an iPhone or the like, due to the lack of inputs. As one would expect virtual buttons are used instead, which is hardly ideal for games with rather complex control schemes – which most of them have. To help off set that, OnLive sells a special controller that will sync with one’s device via Bluetooth. Which definitely helps, but also completely undermines the portability factor of the entire package.

Amazing Spider-Man Game Will Follow The Movie

Yet another title that will share a bit more about itself in the video game adaptation of the upcoming big screen reboot for everyone’s favorite neighborhood Spider-Man. But instead of just retelling the events from the flick, it will immediately follow them, serving as an epilogue. Furthermore, it will feature many of web slinger’s favorite villains, and the story is being penned by Battlestar Galactica writer Seamus Kevin Fahey.

The Makers Of Serious Sam 3’s Inventive Way To Fight Piracy Is Both Innovative and Hilarious
Much has been said about DRM schemes used to prevent the illegal copying of PC games, mostly how they’re largely ineffective and serve only to frustrate the people that play by the rules. Croteam, the makers of Serious Sam 3 have gone on record by stating that they are pointless and the best means to fight piracy is to simply create a game that is so good that players will have no choice but to put money down. Though their back-up plan was recently discovered: those that do play an illegal copy will immediately encounter a gigantic scorpion that is super aggressive and completely impervious to damage. He also wields heavy duty firearms and is pink. Not bad, fellas.

The Last of Us [BoxTitle]The Video Game Awards Give Us The Potentially Last Great PS3 Game & More [/BoxTitle] [Trailer][/Trailer]

As previously reported, numerous high profile titles will make their debuts at this weekend’s VGA, though the one that has generated the most buzz is The Last of Us. Little anything is know other than it’s a PS3 exclusive, which some in the know have stated will be “utterly unbelievable”, and centers around the end of the world, possibly some kind of virus that wipes out humanity. The man in charge of Epic Games, Cliff Bleszinski, will also be unveiling a brand new IP, which has also been described as a “an entirely fresh, new experience”. Some have theorized the possibility that his studio might be in fact behind The Last of Us, making it Epic’s first shot at the PS3, but that’s somewhat of a long-shot.

Nab Minecraft For The Android For Just 10 Cents, Minecraft Legos On The Way

To publicize the fact that the Apple iOS app store isn’t the only game in town, Google has put a number of select apps and games on sale for just a dime. The real stand out is Minecraft: Pocket Edition, though Fruit Ninja for just ten cents is not a bad deal either. In other Minecraft news, Mojang, the makers of the game have recently begun talking with Lego about having officially an officially themed Minecraft set made available. It’s part of a program in which the general public helps to dictate what set will be produced next. 1,000 of the required 10,000 supporters have step forward, and all royalties from the final product will be donated to charity says the game’s creators.

Grand Theft Auto 3 Celebrates 10 Years With iOS and Android Ports

In other cell phone gaming news, to celebrate the 10th anniversary of one of the most successful and groundbreaking games in the past decade, which had a profound impact on the entire landscape of gaming, is the release of GTA3 for the iPhone, iPad, plus assorted Android phones and tablets.

EA Continues To Test The Patience Of Gamers Across The Board
The one esteemed and respected Electronics Arts continues to piss their customer base off, on a daily basis it seems. First came the revelation that their online passes have an expiration date. Basically, what was designed as a means to recoup extra money from the sales of used copies is also being applied towards folks who buy the game new (albiet a bit after the original release date).

EA also revealed a brand new version of Tetris for iOS in which there’s a number of new features, but they’re only available via subscription. Which costs either $3 a month of $30 a year. Again, for Tetris. The iOS port of Theme Park will also be built around the freemium model, in which players can simply play hold hard case to avoid activities in games that provide the same result, but takes much longer. Though to get one of the more basic roller coasters will cost an estimated $60 of real world money. Pure insanity.

Skyward Sword [BoxTitle]Nintendo Warns Players Of Game Breaking Bug In Skyward Sword[/BoxTitle]

Bad news for those enjoying the latest Legend of Zelda, if one does certain things in a certain order, the game will effectively break down and not allow you to proceed. Problems arise during the Song of the Hero quest, if you talk to Golo the Goron twice. A detailed rundown of the events, and how to avoid the issue can be found by searching online. Though it contains mild story spoilers (hence why it’s not being republished here). Unfortunately, Nintendo is unable to provide a fix for the problem, and not just because their online infrastructure is a bit of a mess. Hopefully future pressings of the game will have the problem ironed out.