This Week In Gaming News

As is often the case, the final week of the year is pretty slow when it comes to video game news. But there’s been a few stand outs over the past two weeks, including a good showing for Nintendo’s new handheld, plenty of headaches for Sony, and perhaps the biggest PR screw up of the entire year…

Nintendo 3DS [BoxTitle]2011 Was A Good Year For The 3DS In Japan[/BoxTitle]

After a less than spectacular launch, which led to many to question the long-term (even short-term) health of the platform, it was revealed that Nintendo managed to sell 4 million 3DSs in Japan. Since iOS hasn’t quite taken over the motherland quite yet, a healthy user-base is a tad bit sweeter and more important than in the US.

Meanwhile, despite a spectacular opening weekend, sales and demand for Sony’s PlayStation Vita diminished considerably. In its second week, it was outsold by the PS3, Wii, 3DS, even the PSP. Its games haven’t been pushing many units at the cash register either, but given that many are opting to buy titles via PSN, that really doesn’t mean much.

The New Pokemon X Nobunaga’s Ambition Crossover
Pretty much everyone was taken aback by the news that Nintendo was teaming up with Koei to intermingle two of their most popular franchises. Nobunaga’s Ambition is a popular strategy title in Japan that recounts Japan’s Feudal era, and has the player assuming the roles of actual figures in history.

This new game will basically insert the Pocket Monsters into the mix, for what most are guessing will be a “what if X warlord went into battle with Jigglypuff by his side? The game is due sometime in 2012 and chances of it hitting American shores are somewhat slim.

Zynga’s Stock Goes On Sale And Fails To Impress
Many had assumed that when Zynga’s stock options were finally made available, that they would be the hottest Wall Street ticket in a long while. But it would seem that word of their less than stellar performance has reached even non-gamer types.

It was offered at $10, went as high as $11, but by the end leveled off at $9.50 when investors with a serious stake stepped in. Analysts state that most stock is introduced at a lower price than what Zynga started off with, due to being a tad bit too overconfident.

Anonymous [BoxTitle]Anonymous Is Going After Sony Again[/BoxTitle]

The group of hackers that made Sony’s lives so miserable over the summer, when they took down the PlayStation Network, are out to make yet another statement (the first was in response over Sony going after the hardware guru who had exposed a hardware exploit with the PS3). This time, it’s over Sony’s support of Stop Online Piracy Ac, aka SOPA.

No date has been set, but because the act is impacts a considerable amount of online businesses and would restrict the internet for many users, Anonymous believes that Sony deserves a taste of their own medicine. They also state that they will be going after Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga, Kim Kardashian, and Taylor Swift. No complaints here!

iMame Is Released For iOS And Gets Yanked Almost Immediately

When a version of MAME, the emulator that runs pretty much every arcade game since the dawn of time, was released on the App Store, pretty much everyone had two thoughts. First, how in the heck could Apple let such a thing slip through their fingers, and second, better download it now before it’s gone.

And those who acted swiftly were smart; in no time at all it was removed for breaking Apple’s long standing policy of not allowing apps to emulate software (since it could constitute piracy). Those who already have a copy can hold onto it, but it will never be updated and may one day stop working after iOS is updated. So enjoy playing Super Mario Bros on your iPhone while you still can.

Microsoft To Pull All “Gun-Like” Avatar Items By January 1

Any items on the Avatar Marketplace that are firearm-esque in appearance will be removed in the coming new year, according to a new policy that is being instated my Microsoft. Two examples would be the Lancer and Hammerburst from Gears of War. Though much like in the case of Apple, anyone who already has either will be able to keep them.

The Last Guardian [BoxTitle]Gamestop Accidentally Claims The Last Guardian Was Cancelled[/BoxTitle]

Due to reasons that are still not quite clear, Gamestop mistakenly removed the upcoming PS3 game from their systems, and given the classification of cancelled. As a result, all pre-orders for the game have been stricken from the databases. Those who had the title on reserve received automated calls to inform them of this news.

The accident has been cited as being potentially disastrous for either Sony or Gamestop. There’s a good possibility that those interested may never find out that the game is in fact, still alive and fail to pick up a copy. And those wishing to pre-order again are not able to do so until a new launch date is revealed. In that case, most customers will probably just go elsewhere.

N-Control’s Avengers Controller Is Put On The Map Due To Its Inept PR Person
An oddball control peripheral that many had basically forgotten about was partially thrust into the spotlight, due to the shenanigans of its PR person. When a customer inquired about the status of his pre-order, the response given was curious, unprofessional, and everything in between.

Zelda Timeline [BoxTitle]Nintendo Reveals The Official Legend of Zelda Timeline[/BoxTitle]

The timeline of all the Zelda games, specifically how they all connect (if they in fact do) has been a hotly debated topic among Zelda nerds for years now. Well, after years of vague allusions and nothing but, Nintendo has provided an official canon for their series, in the pages of art book that was recently published in Japan.

Instead of having two different timelines, as many diehards had formulated for themselves, there’s actually three. Skyward Sword is where it all began (as it was announced) and things split off in Ocarina of Time (again, hardly a surprise). Various games come as a result of either Link screwing up, being successful in the defeat of Ganon and then disappearing, or following his exploits after he returns to being a child. One needs to be a real fan of the games, plus have a keen understanding of time paradoxes, to truly understand any of the mess.