DJ M-Rock: The Best of Jay-Z (25th Anniversary Mix)


Toronto-based DJ M-Rock gave us the Best of Kanye, then the Best of A Tribe Called Quest which made it on to our These Go To 11 Awards: Top Mixtapes for last year. To kick of 2012 he brings you The Best of Jay-Z: 1 hour + 45 minutes, 86 tracks.

Says M-Rock:

People ask me to do tribute tapes for all kinds of random artists. I gotta feel that artist 100%. Initially, I didn’t relate to Jay in the way I did with Kanye and Tribe, after all I really got into his stuff when Just Blaze and Kanye brought out more soul and a less jiggy side of him. That’s the Jay I really love. I love his club stuff too, but that’s more for going out, I wasn’t bumping all that stuff at home. With that said, nobody can use their mind to come out blasting rhymes with integrity and somehow go to #1 on the charts like him. He’s gifted: he does his memorized verses without a pen in one take, and never raps without funkiness and wordplay. Without question, Jay-Z is one of the best. Put aside an hour and fourty-five minutes and I hope you enjoy how I put together and freaked 86 songs by Shawn Carter.

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