This Week In Gaming News

It’s a new year, and with it brand new news! Though some of it is from the ghosts of 2011 making themselves be known in 2012. Or should I say, history often repeats itself.

sopa [BoxTitle]Sony, Nintendo, EA Repeal Their Support For SOPA[/BoxTitle]

Last week we mentioned how the massive network of hackers that brought the PlayStation Network down to its knees last year were set on repeating history, in response to Sony’s support for SOPA. Well, shortly afterwards, representatives of Anonymous clarified their intent.

PSN would not be touched, it was claimed. Instead, all efforts would be focused upon specific individuals high on the Sony corporate chain. But given how fractured Anonymous has become internally, there’s still a chance that the PlayStation Network may be taken down after-all.

Not long after Anonymous first stated that they’d be going after Sony over supporting SOPA, Nintendo and EA decided to change their minds on the piece of legislation as well.

But they are still members of the ESA, or Entertainment Software Association, which represents a large variety of game publishers and their interests. So the big three are still in favor of the law, by proxy. Furthermore, the ESA recently released a statement that reiterated their support for SOPA as well.

3G Version Of The Vita Not Cancelled After-All
In a scene that’s somewhat reminiscent of The Last Guardian’s, Amazon delisted the upcoming 3G variant of Sony’s upcoming handheld, which led many to speculate that its future was doomed here in America (sales in Japan continue to slip). Sony has since claimed that everything is fine, there’s nothing to worry about, and the 3G version is still on the way.

Zelda Concert Series [BoxTitle]New Dates For The Zelda Anniversary Concert Series[/BoxTitle]

Even though the Zelda franchise is now technically 26 years old, the 25th anniversary celebration is continuing into 2012. Just announced dates and locations include Vancouver, CA on March 14, Denver on April 7, Phoenix on April 20, and Atlanta on May 12.

Valve Tells Everyone That So Called Half-Life 3 Clues Are Not Legit

For years, Half-Life fans have been waiting patiently for word of the third chapter of the saga, and recently, all sorts of hints have been popping up all over the place. Which has led to believe that it has been the work of Valve, who have tried to help build hype and excitement in the form of some kind of ARG. It’s gotten to the point that the developer / publisher had to go on record by saying that, no, it’s not actually happening and don’t believe what you see and here. Which to some, is just part of the act.

Shigeru Miyamoto Is Working On An Original Game
The man most responsible for Nintendo’s success, recently stated in an interview that, alongside the previously known Luigi’s Mansion 2 for 3DS and Pikmin 3 for Wii U, is also working on a brand new, original title. Details are naturally sparse, but in the same interview, he made mention of how his aversion to making something that’s realistic, and thus gamers can expect something that’s “really different”.

There Is A Disturbance In The Force, And It’s Called The Roger Rabbit
A game-breaking bug was discovered in the new Star Wars MMO, The Old Republic. Apparently, if one starts dancing in the middle of a fight they’ll be invincible to all attacks. This includes boss battles as well. When players tried warning everyone via the official forums, moderators were quick in removing all mention of the exploit. With the official reasoning being, the less people know, the better (in order to curb its usage and abuse). Presumably, BioWare is working on a fix.

Gamefly [BoxTitle]GameFly Reveals Their Most Requested Games of 2011[/BoxTitle]

The nation’s biggest video game rental service recently disclosed which games were the most requested last year. The overall most popular multiplatform title, as well as for the 360 specifically, was Batman: Arkham City. For the PS3 it was Uncharted 3, and not surprisingly, Skyward Sword was the most sought after Wii title. They also note that the only games asked about to be brand new, original IPS, were Rage and Dead Island.