This Week In Gaming News

Once again, another week has passed. One containing a huge middle finger to all video game publishers out there, another to the residents of Oklahoma, and a third to every lazy iPhone game maker out there. Plus, the unholy merging of Dance Central and Return of the Jedi! As usual, there’s much happening in the world of video games…

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The tools that the creators of Skyrim used to make the game have been released to the public, for all modders who want to tap into what the big boys play with. But contained was an unexpected guest star.

There’s an option to have the space pod from Portal 2 to join you in on your adventures. Kind of like Navi in Ocarina of Time, but not as helpful and even more annoying. But you can at least kick him around like a ball, whereas as Link, there was no means of dishing out your frustration.