The Seven Most Noteworthy Sex Scenes in Video Games

The great thing about video games is that they offer us a chance to live out our greatest fantasies – well, almost. Sure many us wish we were some badass action hero with the fate of the country, world, galaxy, or even existence itself on our shoulders. But some us just want to get laid.

Often times sex in video games comes across more comical than sexy – much like real life. Here’s the seven most noteworthy examples of getting down and dirty in gaming.

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Pretty much any rundown of coitus in a video game requires the obligatory mention of Custard’s Revenge. If only for being the very first example of such frivolities. For those not familiar, it was Atari 2600 game in which you assume the legendary hero of the Civil War, George Armstrong Custer, and guide him across the screen while completely nude. The challenge? Avoid arrows from angry Native Americans. The prize? A tied-up nude Native American woman. Aside from being supremely un-PC, it’s also a blatant depiction of the R word, but thanks to the extremely crude graphics, it’s not as offensive as it could be.

Leisure Suit Larry Transsexual ClipHere's Koko, the first openly transgendered character in a video game (that I know of). Yes, there have been minor gender bending in the past, such as Rex Nebula. He got to change his sex at one point, but then the idiot changed back! And of course, there's the character in Final Fantasy VII on…2007-04-17T03:52:40.000Z

If the video game world has an equivalent to Ron Jeremy, it is Leisure Suit Larry. His first few games were real groundbreakers, and the first real popular (and genuinely good) examples of sex and video games converging. But as time went on and tastes and plus technology evolved, he somewhat became a relic of the past who unable to keep up with the times. A perfect example is the 9th game of the series; it relied less on a funny script and more on repetitive gameplay.

VideoVideo related to the seven most noteworthy sex scenes in video games2012-03-16T07:34:22-04:00

This is the part in which most lists would mention The Sims. Not here. Sure it’s filled with all sorts of sexual hijinks, but it’s all censored. While the imagination is a powerful tool, sometimes you just want to see every little detail. Even if the camera is stretched way out. Enter Playboy: The Mansion. It’s basically The Sims, but instead of just building up a nice little home for yourself and your family, you’re building up the mecca of masculinity.

Fahrenheit/Indigo Prophecy Tiffany Scene (with sex)The Fahrenheit/Indigo Prophecy scene in which Tiffany comes by your place to pick up her stuff. The video has the interactive sex scene in it. Enjoy.2010-03-12T17:50:55.000Z

Heavy Rain is well known for its supremely awkward sex scenes. But believe it or not, that’s not developer Quantic Dream’s first stab in such territory. They first turned heads with Indigo Prophecy, or Fahrenheit as its known outside of North America. Which honestly, is the only version to bother with, since ours has most of its sexual content censored, with the worst part being the total removal of an interactive sex scene.

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