This Week In Gaming News

It might have been a slow week news-wise, if not for Capcom and BioWare screwing up big time. Thanks, guys! Oh, and not sure if you heard, but Apple is releasing another new gizmo that’s sure to spin the masses into a tizzy.

To help promote the upcoming update to the world’s most popular video game, Rovio somehow how got an astronaut to perform real life Angry Bird antics in outter space.

Which for fans of the series is perhaps cute, but for those of us who wish NASA did cooler things, like explore the outer recesses of the galaxy, it just seems like a huge waste of time and money. Oh, and the new game looks cool, but one has to wonder which indie title Rovio has ripped off this time.

The Steam Box Is Not Coming Quite Yet, Says Valve
Rumors began spreading at the top of the week that Valve was creating a set-top box that allows gamers to play PC offerings on a TV. Unfortunately, this did not happen. The evidence to support the theory was fairly compelling, including vague statements supporting the possibility, and patents that were taken out last year.

Valve hasn’t written out the idea completely, but it’s just not happening quite yet. Though it appears that most likely Steam will be coming to TVs via some partner. Perhaps Apple and their iTV, just not a dedicated console. But you never know…

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