This Week In Gaming News

BioWare’s giving in to a vocal contingency on the Internet and it’s either a victory or the end of days, depending on your point of view. Plus, one of the biggest games of all time finally gets a proper sequel as well.

Angry Birds Space [BoxTitle]Angry Bird’s First Real Sequel Released[/BoxTitle] [Trailer][/Trailer]

Arguably one of the most popular games of all times is Angry Birds, which has seen numerous updates over the past few months, but no real sequel. Until now.

The much anticipated, and somewhat awkwardly titled Angry Birds Space was released yesterday, on a multitude of platforms (with plenty more to come). It’s a true follow-up, with numerous changes to the gameplay. Mostly due to the fact that gravity, the primary force from the previous games, works in a totally different manner.

Politicians Propose Dumbest Anti-Video Game Law Yet
A pair of congressmen, one from California, the other from Virginia, are proposing a nation-wide law that would label video games in the same manner that cigarettes currently are. It’s a response to the belief that violent video games lead kids to be aggressive. No actual link has yet to be determined, btw.

Here’s the best part: every single video game would get slapped with this label. Everything from Mortal Kombat (makes sense to a certain extent) to Cooking Mama (Are you serious?) to even Tetris (What?). The failure of the bill is all but guaranteed.

The Hunger Games [BoxTitle]The Hunger Games Video Game[/BoxTitle]

Arguably the biggest movie of the year so far, The Hunger Games opens today and to help promote it is a just released title for iOS. There are two things worth noting.

First, it’s totally free. Second, it’s very good, thanks to its creator: Adam Saltsman, the man responsible for Canabalt. Just head on over to the App Store and get your copy pronto.

Adventure Time Game Finally On The Way
The creator of the hit Cartoon Network series has made it nice and clear that he wants a video game based on his show. So much so, that he has openly posted game concepts on his Twitter. Well, it seems like his wish (along with his fans) has come true.

Not much info is known at the moment, other than WayForward Technologies will be creating a DS game. And given WayForward’s track record with the platform (their DS games are some of the best), as well as the right source material to draw from, it’s a safe bet that it’ll be a hit.

Mass Effect 3 [BoxTitle]BioWare Will Make Alternate Ending To Mass Effect 3[/BoxTitle]

All the bitching and moaning appears to have worked. The previously reported outcry from a certain portion of fans, who all hate the ending to the Mass Effect trilogy, has resulted in BioWare’s decision to create an alternate ending.

Per request, it will be offered in the form of DLC sometime in April. As a result, there has been much debate about what players are entitled to. As in, if they all hate a game’s ending, do they deserve what they want at the expense of what the game’s creator intended? It’s a hot topic debate that will surely rage for a very long time.

Zynga Buys OMGPOP
As the saying goes: if you can’t beat them, buy them. And that’s just what happened earlier this month with the creator of the red hot iOS app Draw Something bested several of Zynga’s offerings and was then immediately snatched up by that scene’s biggest name.

Feelings about the matter are decidedly mixed. Many are annoyed that a big company that many do not like has become even bigger. Meanwhile, you have those who are thankful that they at least purchased the company that has made a super popular game instead of adding to a reputation of shamelessly ripping them off.

L.A. Noire [BoxTitle]L.A. Noire Touchscreen Now Available[/BoxTitle] [Trailer][/Trailer]

No, it’s not another iOS or Android port from Rockstar. Instead, it’s the real deal PC game with touch controls added to the mix. It’s the latest game, available via the OnLive cloud gaming services and is now playable via their mobile app.

Which means those who have a compatible Android phone or tablet can play Rockstar’s big game of 2011. Sadly, no dice for iPhone or iPad owners; Apple is dragging their feet with the app approval process.