This Week In Gaming News

We all make mistakes, but Microsoft totally dropped the ball on the Halo movie. Yikes. Plus, somehow God of War 4 got leaked onto the Internet, and Super Mario Bros Mii is set to be part of Nintendo’s 2012 E3 presser. That’s a train wreck that one can see miles away.

Meanwhile, it was recently discovered that Team Coco will be part of Master Chief’s latest mission. Both the late night talk show host and his second banana, Andy Richter will be doing voice work for Halo 4 (due later this year).

Details are spares, but it’s known that the pair will play a pair of Marines that Master Chief encounters at a certain point in the game, one that will be a real “moment” according to the creative director of the franchise. Whether that moment will be dramatic or played for laughs (which is the most likely option) remains to be seen.

Everyone Can Enjoy Diablo 3 Beta This Weekend
Starting this very second, anyone and everyone can enjoy the Diablo 3 all weekend along. Basically, Blizzard is doing a stress test of the game and its servers before the official launch next month.

All one needs is a account to get in on the action. The plus will be pulled Monday morning, and no doubt many will be playing up until the very last second.

New Pikmin And Super Mario Bros To Be Revealed At E3
Nintendo has just confirmed that one of the new games that the Wii U will show off later this summer at E3 is another installment of Pikmin at long last. Demand for a third game has been high for a while now, so this is good news for Nintendo diehards. Plus it’s just nice to know what Nintendo has up its sleeve for the new home system.

There will also be Super Mario Bros Mii, which is basically New Super Mario Bros Wii, but with Miis inserted into the action. Which, especially when compared to a Pikmin 3 (if that’s what it’s called) is far less exciting.

Mario LEGO [BoxTitle]Kickstarter Project For Mario In LEGO[/BoxTitle] [Link][/Link]

Kickstarter is overflowing with game related projects, but here’s a new one: a self professed LEGO maniac wants to recreate the entirely of Level 1-1 from Super Mario Bros with a one pixel to one LEGO block ration. And he needs our help, money-wise.

How much is he asking for? Why only $26,400. Which will get him the 780,000 LEGO pieces he needs to make the dream come true. If completed, it will be 6 feet tall and 90 feet wide, making it quite possibly the longest LEGO sculpture, which he will then take on tour. Admittedly, this does sound kind of cool.