Gaming Dominoes

Nintendo Special! – 30,000 Dominoes – Dieckdomino & ShanesdominoezTHANKS 4 SUBSCRIBING This is a collaboration with Shanesdominoez with the theme Nintendo! 30,000 dominoes and a lot of work for a good result! Please subscribe Shanesdominoez too! Twitter:!/DjDieck Hyves: dieckgeers.hyves.nl2012-05-07T20:13:52.000Z

A well executed domino line is a beautiful thing, both simple and incredibly complex at the same time, it’s a symphony of kinetic energy. It’s been done with everything from beer bottles to mattresses, but the little rectangle blocks are and always will be the classic. 30,000 dominoes were used in this gaming tribute and it’s a pretty cool way to pay homage to Mario and Zelda.

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