Abe Lincoln Slays Bloodsucking Vampires in 8-Bit

8-Bitham Lincoln: Vampire HunterBonus Video! If the movie Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter had an old-school 8-bit sidescrolling beat 'em up, I bet it'd look like this! Are you a bad enough dude to play as the 16th President? Special thanks to Clandesdyne for animations! clandesdyne.com ART and ANIMATION: Lauren Adams Nathan Adams Wesley Adams Lauren Briedenbaugh Benjamin Diehl…2012-06-20T18:26:07.000Z

Pardon my French, but holy f***k this looks awesome! Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter could end up sucking dog feet and Freddie Wong’s fictional 8-bit video game would still make up for it. There’s a good chance that Rockstar or Ubisoft are already working on a game to go along with the movie, but even with more advanced graphics and controls, somethings are just better in classic 8-bit form, like “speech attacks” for example.

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