Chasing UFOs’ Erin Ryder: Feed Chuck Norris to the Aliens!


In our exclusive interview with badass babe Erin Ryder of Nat Geo’s Chasing UFOs, the real-life Lara Croft dishes on why she wants to kill Mork, screw Alf, and feed Chuck Norris to the aliens…

Heavy: What was the weirdest thing that happened while filming for Chasing UFOs?
Erin Ryder: Well, we tried to shy away from the real nutjobs. You can easily fall into a endless spiral of crazies when talking UFOs. One guy we talked to (we actually didn’t end up using this footage for the show) said he had captured thousands of UFO videos but recently the sightings were down significantly. I sarcastically asked him if that was in relation to the downturn of the economy, and he didn’t like the joke. He actually threatened to punch me in the face and end the interview. Apparently, you shouldn’t tease someone who has thousands of UFO recordings.

H: What are some of the more badass, action-movie stunts you’ve pulled while filming for Chasing UFOs and Destination Truth?
ER: We actually got chased by a helicopter while filming for Chasing UFOs. I had to hop a fence and when I did, my pants got caught and they got totally shredded. We were on the ground doing spy rolls too. It was extremely intense. I’ve jumped out a helicopter into shark-infested waters while filming for Destination Truth. Once we hit that water we swam like hell to the island we were investigating. I also broke my arm while investigating a ghost story in Thailand. I fell off my motorcycle outside of a monastery and the monks helped lay me out while our team medic sewed up my wound. We weren’t anywhere near a hospital so they gave me shots of Thai Rum and a stick to chomp between my teeth.

H: Apocalyptic scenario: If you were forced to sacrifice one person to the aliens in order to save Earth from destruction, whom would you choose?
ER: I would sacrifice Chuck Norris. You know, the guy’s done it all; he has the full mustache, the muscles, the full head of hair. He’s been around for ages — he’s had a full life, you know? He’d be a great physical specimen for aliens to study, so I’d choose him to ship off. Also, he pissed me off when he came out saying that he doesn’t want gays in the Boy Scouts and it would be a nice touch of irony if he were subject to some anal probing himself. Get rid of him.

Chuck Norris: The Sacrificial Lamb

H: Alright, Ryder, we’re gonna play Kill/Screw/Marry with some famous aliens. Ready? Kill/Screw/Marry: Alf, ET, Mork.
ER: Haha, okay! Hmm, definitely kill Mork. He’s a terrible dresser. Screw Alf, obviously. He’s a ladies’ man and I like my men with beards. He’s grizzly, I can dig it. But I love cats, so we would have a couple problems there. And ET seems like someone you could take home to Mom. He’s sensitive, you know? He likes Drew Barrymore, I like Drew Barrymore. He likes Reese’s Pieces, I like Reese’s Pieces. We have a lot in common.

H:Heavy Twitter follower @TheAJDaniel asks “What was your inspiration for getting involved in the extraterrestrial/paranormal scene?”
ER: That’s a great question! I was always interested in science fiction. I read a lot of Ray Bradbury; I watched a lot of X-Files too. It’s kind of in my blood. I grew up in Hudson Valley during a time when there was a massive UFO sighting and my grandfather was one of those who witnessed it. So, literally, my backyard became a UFO hotspot and people talking about seeing UFOs was normal for me. I’ve always thought it was a shame that people don’t do more research on the topic. Enter Chasing UFOs.

H: What do you think of fellow UFO colleague, Ancient Aliens’ Giorgio Tsoukalos’ hair?

Giorgio Tsoukalos

ER: Hahahaha! You know, I think he has a very unique thing going on. He’s a trendsetter, you know? People give Justin Bieber all the credit for his famous hairstyle, but I think people should give Giorgio more credit.

H: Lastly, Ryder, has anyone on the team been probed during the course of shooting Chasing UFOs?
ER: Haha! No, everyone is safe and sound. However, down south we did find an “Anal Probe Cover” — so I got that for our team member James. It looks like the kind of cover you’d put on a thermometer to prevent it from getting germs. It’s not very big, though, so if James gets in a bad situation and the aliens bring out the big machinery — he might be in trouble.

You can catch the series premiere of Chasing UFOs tonight at 9 p.m. ET 10 p.m. PT on the Nat Geo channel. For more information and to send your tweet into space you can visit the Chasing UFOs website.

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