1988′s Version of GTA: Vice City

GTA: Vice City (made in 1989)Grand Theft Auto: Vice City was released for the Commodore 64 (disk and tape) almost 24 years ago. Back then, Rockstar did an amazing job utilizing the computer's relatively limited resources to provide us with a brilliant adventure – Tommy Vercetti's quest for vengeance. ——————————————- Animated by Balazs Kalocsai Music: 'Feelings' and 'Blue Bay' by…2012-06-19T15:27:23.000Z

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City is definitley one of Rockstar’s all-time best releases, and at the time, did an awesome job mixing story with gameplay.

YouTuber MajamiHiroz pays tribute to the GTA classic with this throwback version for the Commodore 64. The narrative of the final showdown is tweaked a little, but that just makes the 8-bit tribute that much cooler. If you haven’t seen the ending already, be warned there are spoilers. Then again, the game came out in 2002, so you’ve had over a decade to beat the game.

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