Celebrating Jack White’s Birthday With His Top 10 Guitar Solos

There aren’t too many guitar gods holding court in the current state of rock. Sure, you’ve got you’re Zakk Wyldes and Steve Vais still cranking out blistering fretwork, but those guys have been doing that for 2+ decades now. There just doesn’t seem to be much room in modern rock for guitar solos, at least not in the mainstream.
Jack White isn’t necessarily known for long winding solos, but when he does want to show off he can do so with some ferocious playing. His solos have always reminded me a bit of Neil Young’s guitar solos; jangling, wiry bits of musical electricity that are unpredictable, yet totally recognizable at the same time. YouTube TJ041 has compiled a mash-up of Jack’s best solos, and we’re taking it a step further with the complete videos of those performances. Happy Birthday, Mr. White. Rock on!