Hit and Run Trailer: A Dread-locked Bradley Cooper Talks Prison Rape


Hit and Run — an ambitious action-comedy in the same vain as 30 Minutes or Less and The Other Guys — may or may not be this year’s best comedy (21 Jump Street has set the bar for 2012, so far). Why could it be awesome? Geriatric nudity, car chases, the potential for Kristen Bell showing off her serious hotness, philosophical musings over the constituent structure of prison rape, a dread-locked Bradley Cooper resisting requests for details on said anal encounter, and Dax Shepard running around looking like a tool (it’s his gimmick, lay off the guy). Why could it be terrible? With the exception of a visually stunning Bell, well… all of the above. Rape humor and old nudity is a beaten comedic horse and although Cooper has good comedic timing, his Rastafarian-inspired character seems more painful than plausible. Let’s just hope we don’t get too much Dax with this one… wait, he’s directing, too. This could be a disaster…

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