JEFF the Brotherhood Take Summer Music Back From Katy Perry

“Sixpack” by JEFF the Brotherhood will easily be the best addition you can make to your summer. I can’t imagine a situation where this song doesn’t facilitate good times. I just put this song on and immediately a hawk brought me a beer, my beard grew out, and fireworks full of toasted marshmallows started going off everywhere around me.

Seriously, why does every “Song of Summer” have to be from the Katy Perrys and Carly Rae Jepsens of the world? Who made up that rule? Do 12-year-old girls own a copyright on summer? I say we can take summer back! Take it back for actual bands that play actual music. We can take it back for a “good tunes, good times” ethos that seems dead in the face of a music landscape filled to the brim with cynical, prefabricated, corporate pop.

Katy Perry isn’t a music artist, she’s a Pepsi commercial.

We’ve been sold the idea that just because it’s light, it’s our summer soundtrack. JEFF the Brotherhood show us another way. They make actual music that’s light, fun, and good. This is the new “Song of the Summer” and it’s already made my permanent road trip playlist.

So I declare it, so it shall be! Everyone, blow your rams’ horns in support!