Mariah Carey’s Booty Fills J-Lo’s Seat on American Idol (Ass Comparison)

Mariah Carey’s booty will be sitting in the seat vacated by Jennifer Lopez on American Idol after the star singer accepted an $18 million one-year offer.

This seems like a step forward for Mariah who since her heyday in the ’90s has been mostly known for her relationships, a high-profile mental breakdown, and unleashing the horror known as Glitter on unsuspecting movie audiences everywhere. We narrowly averted a national disaster by no one going to see it. Still, American Idol rekindled J-Lo’s forgotten career by giving her platform to release a new song and getting her a fiat sponsorship that cashed in on her association with the Bronx even though she refused to return there to actually shoot the commercial.

Although, one has to question the wisdom of someone with a history of mental illness and alleged substance abuse issues taking Paula Abdul’s former chair. Will Mariah be haunted by ghosts of crazy drug abuse past?

Anyway … since Mariah’s butt will be warming the spot left cold by J-Lo’s, it’s time to stare at both asses. Here you go:

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