South Korean Hip-Hop Artist PSY Unleashes the Most Insane Music Video Ever

South Korean Hip-Hop artist, Park Jae Sang aka PSY, has unleashed the most insane music video I’ve ever seen. I can’t stop watching. It already has 9 million views after just two weeks and I think half of those are me. If LMFAO was remotely interesting they might be qualified to learn at the feet of PSY. This guy has done what LMFAO tries and fails to do: Make easy, genuinely fun music while just being silly and having a good time. The name of the song is “Gangnam Style”, but that hardly seems important in the face of the monumental artistic achievement that is the video.

You need to watch this now or we can’t be friends anymore. Because that is what I’m going to be doing for the next 6 days straight. You can’t stop me. No one can. Watch the video and you’ll be hooked too.

This is clearly the greatest artistic achievement of the 21st Century. More like this, please.

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1 Comment


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