Breaking Seinfeld: The Actors of Seinfeld Get in the Meth Game

It’s no surprise to fans of Breaking Bad that Bryan Cranston was once Jerry’s re-gifting dentist, Tim Whatley on several episodes of Seinfeld, but there’s a lot of other actors who have crossed over from the show about nothing, to the show about something – the meth game.

YouTuber sez1998 (also the year Seinfeld went off the air) put together this compilation showcasing the various character actors that once found themselves mingling in Jerry’s upper west side universe, before dealing with Heisenberg and Co. This just further’s the odd relationship that BB’s creator has in connection with the comedy world. We’ve got stand-ups Bill Burr, Lavell Crawford, Steven Michael Quezada, and Bob Odenkirk (not a stand-up, but comedy writer) all having roles in the show, and now there’s this link to television’s greatest sitcom ever.

Could we be looking at a Breaking Bad comedy tour once the show goes off the air? Will Kramer become Walter White’s new competition? Will Skylar leave Walt for George Costanza? So many unanswered questions…

Then again, we’ve always got the spin-off series Pinkman to look forward to this fall.

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