Conjoined Twins With 2 Heads & 1 Body Get Reality Show on TLC

Abigail and Brittany Hensel are conjoined twins who are about to graduate college and enter the “real” world. The girls have four lungs, two stomachs, two hearts, two arms, and two legs. Each girl controls one arm and one leg, and they share many of their other lower organs. This graph (right) gives a complete anatomical breakdown of their unique shared body.

The girls are extremely upbeat and enthusiastic with just about everything they do. It’s no surprise, then, that they have a new reality show on TLC, airing August 28. No stranger to the attention of television cameras, Abigail and Brittany have been interviewed and filmed numerous times before.

It looks like the show will follow the twins as they take a post-graduation romp through Europe, which is great — way more fun than returning to a sh**ty summer job while you frantically try to find a “career.”

Here is a recent news clip on the twins from two years ago:

It will definitely be interesting to see how Abigail and Brittany cope with the interview process of getting a “real” job, especially in this bleak market. There are many questions that have popped into my head just from learning about these two and their show:

  • Will they be applying for one position or two?
  • Will they only be paid one salary or two?
  • Did they major in the same things in college?
  • If not, how’d they manage the workload and class schedule?
  • What is dating like? Especially the uh… physical part of dating.
  • Brittany Hensel is engaged, how in the world does that work?

Interesting stuff, I’ll be tuning in to find out!

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