Jackie Chan Debuts Amazing Stunt For ‘Last Big Action Film’


He’s one of the greatest cinema stars ever. Period. No one does action like Jackie Chan, and no one ever will. It’s not just his athletic prowess that’s made him the greatest action star ever. It’s Jackie’s ability to blend all the elements of cinema—drama, comedy, high-octane thrills—into a singular scene like no one else has done before him and no one else will ever do. He’s just the best to ever do it.

But, Jackie Chan hasn’t released a proper, leading (stunt)man film in a few years now. His job isn’t so easy on the joints and when you get to his age, and you’ve broken as many bones as he has, eventually father time throws the e-brake on your storied career. With Chinese Zodiac, Jackie is aiming to throw the time machine back with what he says will be the “last great action film” of his career.

Hong Kong’s greatest export is 59 now, so it really looks like the last hurrah for the “Drunken Master”. Already a huge star in Asia, it wasn’t until 1995’s Rumble in the Bronx that Chan began kicking his way to the top of the Hollywood box-office. A co-starring role in the Rush Hour series painted his style of fight scenes on the biggest canvas possible, and made him one of the biggest stars in the world.

No other films are listed on his IMDB page after Chinese Zodiac, which could be the right move. It’s always best to go out on chop.

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