Justin Theroux: Top 10 Facts You Need to Know

Justin Theroux Top 10 Facts

Justin Theroux and Jennifer Aniston are getting married. Aniston is most famous for her messy divorce from her previous marriage and being in every terrible chick flick that Katherine Heigl doesn’t have covered. Her life has been tabloid fodder for years and we’ve seen her cut a swath through Hollywood’s leading men trying to find the right one. Well, it seems she finally has and it’s … Justin Theroux? Who is this guy?

1. Justin Theroux is a Writer and an Actor

He wrote the screenplays for Tropic Thunder, Rock of Ages, and Iron Man 2. He’s slated to write Zoolander 2, but I refuse to believe that that’s a real thing.

He’s also appeared in a number of movies and TV shows that you’ve no doubt seen, but might not immediately recognize him from. He was the creepy DJ in Zoolander, for example. He was also in Mulholland Drive, Inland Empire, Sex and the City, Parks and Recreation, American Psycho, Six Feet Under, Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion (which starred Anniston’s Friends co-star Lisa Kudrow), and Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle.

2. Theroux’s Mom Wrote About His First Prom for the New York Times

Theroux’s school system apparently held a prom for eighth graders. Theroux’s mother, Phyllis Theroux, was a famous journalist for the Washington Post and she wrote a piece for The New York Times about the stress of preparing for proms, telling the story of Theroux’s older sister getting ready for her high school prom and then Theroux himself getting ready for his middle school prom.

The piece is an interesting one, but perhaps the most interesting part is that young Justin was apparently asked to prom by two girls. One, named Rachel Grady, who went on to become an oscar-nominated documentary filmmaker.

3. He Turned Down a Screen Test for Friends

Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux (Terry Richardson)

He was offered to screen test for the Friends pilot, but turned it down. He would be a whole lot richer and have met his future fiance a whole lot earlier had he accepted. How funny would it be if the role he was testing for was Ross?

4. He’s a Talented Breakdancer

Anyone who has seen Zoolander can remember the creepy DJ and Hansel (He’s so hot right now) break dance fighting in the DJ booth during the climactic scene. So, Justin’s got some skills. This is something Ms. Aniston has apparently been obsessed with and convinced him to break out during an appearance on Ellen (see above).

5. He was a Troublemaker as a Child

He was kicked out of two different schools by the time he was 14. He eventually found his place at a boarding school in Massachusetts from which point on he thrived.

6. Did We Mention that He’s a Director as Well?

So far he’s only directed a small romantic comedy called Dedication and a TV movie called Documental, but he’s slated to direct Zoolander 2 (again, I can’t believe that this is really happening) and a comedy called Swear To God starring Will Ferrell and Steve Carell.

7. He’s a Vegetarian

Dude’s a vegetarian. Not much more to say about that. It’s probably because he’s a huge animal lover, having starred in PETA campaigns (even though PETA is totally a crazy extremist organization that does little to actually help animals, but that’s neither here nor there).

8. He Starred in a Muse Music Video

He’s featured in the very dark music video for “Hysteria” by Muse where he can be seen trashing a hotel room. Hey, lookie here. The video’s right above this text. See it for yourself.

9. Before Dating Aniston he had a Girlfriend of 14 Years

Justin Theroux and Heidi Bivens

Maybe before is a bit of a strong word, since Theroux and Aniston started “hanging out” while he was still dating his girlfriend of 14 years Heidi Bivens. In fact, when rumors started to swirl about Theroux and Aniston it was Bivens’ mother who came to Theroux’s defense. Yeesh. That’s a little awkward.

10) Justin Proposed on His Own Birthday

Justin Theroux and Jennifer Aniston Engaged

Justin Theroux proposed to Jennifer Aniston on his 41st birthday, August 10 of this year. He claims her accepting is the best birthday gift he received, which is sweet, but kinda corny and not true. I mean, asking on your birthday is a pretty good way to pressure out a yes. Is she really going to turn down your proposal on your birthday? Please. He knew the yes was coming, so it can’t really be the best gift. I bet the best gift was something awesome like a jet ski. He knows a lot of very rich people.

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