Lady Gaga Skinny Dipping & More Flash Photos for Little Monsters

Here is a picture of the ever-weird yet weirdly erotic Lady Gaga. She’s into sharing this brand of kinda-tasteful near-nude photos of herself with her freakish fans, the Little Monsters, on her fan site Here she is skinny dipping with boyfriend Taylor Kinney. Her fans, like, really loved it.

“Alina” said:

wooow omg, even though I’m like really jealous right now, but this is f***ing beautiful and, you’re an amazing couple, and I am so happppyyy for you Mommy Monster!!!

Here are some more almost-naked pics shared by the Mother Monster recently. We included her commentary with the final shot to prove that it’s not nearly as racy as it looks.

This one she captioned “got my hair diiid. bleach is for bad ass bitches.”

lindsay lohan taken by lady gaga

Gaga was hanging out with Lindsay Lohan recently.

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