New ‘Walking Dead’ Season 3 Poster Introduces Michonne and The Governor

Scroll down for the poster

If you were able to stomach the first half of The Walking Dead’s creeping second season, chances are you might have tuned out somewhere along the way. Sucks to be you, because the last half of the season ratcheted up the violence, intensity and overall unpredictability; all qualities that made the show’s first season so captivating.

For those who did watch the last half, and, last episode of the past season, you were greeted by a mysterious new character with a samurai sword and two zombies chained over her shoulders like they were Labradors. Her face was shrouded with the help of several layers of clothes and shadow, and now we finally get to see her face in the new Walking Dead season 3 poster, just released.

To the right of the poster you can see her: dreads, samurai sword, chains balled up into a fist, two zombie friends chilling in the back mixing drinks. She’s Michonne (Danai Gurira), and she’ll factor in the next season as a major player. Maybe she can teach us how to train a zombie.

To the left of her, you can see another new face. His name’s The Governor (David Morrisey), and he’s going to bring the evil this season as the lead antagonist opposite Andrew Lincoln’s Rick Grimes. The Governor is bringing a lot of hoopla with him; since the start of the series fanboys have been clamoring for the eventual arrival of his character. As you can tell by this new promo poster, he’s arrived.

The third season kicks off this October. Are you excited yet?

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