Move Over, Obama: Captain America Takes Office

Captain America

Screw Obama and Romney, the next President of the United States will be Captain America. Unfortunately, this is only true in the world of Marvel Entertainment. Hey, I’d vote for him.

In Marvel Comics’ Ultimate Comics: Ultimates issue 15, Captain America is elected president of the United States and in issue 16, the superhero begins to piece back a divided America torn apart by civil war, posts

“Cap’s been around since 1941. We’re not the first people to talk about making him president,” says Ultimates writer Sam Humphries. “There are a lot of good reasons not to do this, and as we had this discussion, we figured out a lot of great reasons to make this story happen for the first time in the life of Captain America.”

Timing couldn’t be better with the real-world election coming up this Nov. 6. Whether or not this is Marvel capitalizing on the upcoming election, I still think Captain America would do a better job than these schmucks!

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