Goodyear: Free Driving Lessons for Lindsay and Amanda

Tired of hearing about all of the bad driving going on out there with our Hollywood superstars? So is Goodyear.

In a letter acquired by TMZ, tire giant Goodyear has decided to offer a special treat for Lindsay Lohan and Amanda Bynes: free one-on-one driving lessons at their private test track (no paparazzi allowed) to help the two improve their habits on the road…and hopefully not kill someone in the process.

This news might be particularly helpful for miss Bynes as not only is she developing quite a bad reputation out there as a “road warrior” of sorts but is also apparently facing a bit of a career path struggle – TMZ has also uncovered that not only is her agent pulling away from her as a client but she’s also getting dropped by her publicist and lawyer as well.

While it’s true that any PR pro knows that “there’s no such thing as bad news” Amanda seems to have gotten herself in a bad spot regardless and it seems that her streak of infamy behind the wheel might finally be catching up with her.