‘Stand Up Guys’ Looks More Like Grumpy Old Men With Different Actors

So Christopher Walken, Al Pacino and Alan Arkin walk into a movie studio exec’s office…

No, it’s not a corny joke, but the newest film from director Fisher Stevens. In the buddy comedy, Al Pacino and Christopher Walken play a couple of grizzled con-men who set out on one last hurrah for old times sake – killing a comrade. Both Al and Christopher Walken are certainly well beyond their tough guy hitman years, and Alan Arkin looks two steps away from one of those Florida seniors communities. still, these are all vets with terrific acting chops so let’s not write it off just yet. If the script is any good and the three actors can muster up enough energy to pull out even a decent performance, we just might have a solid wiseguy comedy on our hands here.

If not, blame it on their medication…

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