WATCH: Drunk Loser Chris Brown Declares Love for 2 Women — Rihanna & Ex

Chris Brown has the maturity level of a 17-year-old ball-less lush. Was that too harsh? Let us clarify, Chris brown got drunk (probably on strawberry daiquiris or some other pu$$y drink) and made a drunken phone call declaring how he’s in love with two women and can’t decide.

Brown and ex-girlfriend Karrueche Tran split earlier this week and Chris was recently spotted with Rihanna at a Jay-Z concert. During Brown’s taxi cab confession he declares his torment over Rihanna and his recent ex-girlfriend.

We had fun at the club. I’m a little drunk so I’m gonna be honest. Y’all don’t really get the real Chris Brown, so I’d like to just be honest, man. I’m stressed out… it ain’t about the music — I love my fans.

Oh we get the real Chris Brown and we’ve been getting him for some time now. At the Grammys, on TMZ, on ridiculous MTV interviews, etc.

Could this be the beginning of a full-blown Chris Brown/Rihanna reunion? Let’s hope so, because the inevitable train wreck is going to be GLORIOUS.

Via Pop Crush

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