Kevin Smith Comic Con NYC Panel: Top 10 Facts You Need to Know

If Kevin Smith is the patron saint of comic books then Comic Con is his Vatican City and you bet your sweet ass that his holiness stopped by today in New York to greet his disciples.
So what nerd-gospel was Smith preaching? Season 2 of AMC’s Comic Book Men, a quirky docu-series about the owners of the Jay and Silent Bob comic book store in New Jersey. CBM is set to kick off later this season and Smith wants you all to join its church (okay, done with religious references).

So what does Season 2 of Comic Book Men have in store? was at Comic Con today, and we’ve gleaned the most important info you need to know about the Comic Book Men Season 2 panel at New York Comic Con:

1.Beard Guy is Back!

Standout Season 1 star and beard god Bryan Johnson is back and funnier than ever.

2. Stan Lee Makes an Appearence

stan lee

Smith showed a sizzle reel of highlights in Season 2. One particularly adorable moment happened when Stan Lee dropped by the comic book shop.

3.There is a Nerd Wedding
Not as nerdy as a wedding on the Starship Enterprise but deff something geektastic to look forward to in Season 2.

4. Kevin Smith Has Done Everything He Wants to Do


Smith got emotional at certain points during the panel and commented how he had accomplished everything he could ever possibly want to accomplish. He went on to mention how he had already done the movie “thing” and now wants to explore new projects.

5. Clerks 2 is his Favorite Movie

Clerks 2 TrailerPicking up ten years after "Clerks" left off, "Clerks II" looks in on Dante and Randal's semi-new life (or lack thereof). Jeff Anderson and Brian O'Halloran star, along with Rosario Dawson, Trevor Fehrman and Jennifer Schwalbach. Jason Mewes and Kevin Smith return as Jay and Silent Bob.2006-04-07T02:38:03.000Z

When asked what his favorite movie to make was, Smith gave a very definitive “definitely Clerks 2.”

6. Smith is not a Fan of the Dish Network

kevin smith

Dish network does not carry AMC anymore, Smith and co. made sure to “zing” the network a few times before the panel was over.

7. Kevin Smith is Jealous of Jeff Dunham

Smith mentioned how he tried to win a screen-used Batmobile back in 1998 from MTV. He lost and his quest for his own Batmobile continued. At that point someone yelled “FUCK JEFF DUNHAM!” Smith clarified that famous puppet comic, Jeff Dunham, happens to own his own set of Bat-wheels. Smith’s take on Jeff Dunham? “I would talk to his hand, talk to my hand and talk to his dick if it meant I get my own personal batmobile.

8. Smith Got no Love for Vader

During the Q and A, a lady dressed as Thor asked whether Smith would prefer to see a movie about Darth Vader or one about Boba Fett. Smith responded “Vader was a whiney Emo kid.”

9. Smith is a Big Fan of Podcasts


When it comes to podcasts, Smith is right up there with the Nerdist and Marc Maron. SMODcast, Smith’s podcast, is wildly successful and he even happens to own his own podcast network.

10. Comic Book Men is Back this Sunday

comic book men

That’s right! Comic Book Men is back this Sunday at 11:30, right after the Walking Dead and the Talking Dead with Chris Hardwick. If you have the Dish Network you do not get AMC … why do you still have Dish Network again?

Eitan Levine is a New York City based comic. Follow him on Twitter at @Eitanthegoalie .

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