NY Comic Con 2012: Top 10 Facts You Need To Know

Listen up, nerds and nerd wannabes (if those exist) it’s time for the NY Comic-Con, a storied place where you can let your inner geek soar without fear of judgement… until the pictures get around anyway. But before you throw on your Batman costume and head over to Javits Center, here are 10 facts You Need To Know.

1. There Will Be Celebrity Guests

This year’s convention looks as promising as ever, with long time industry supporters like Kevin Smith and Carrie Fisher (Princess Leia) coming out. That’s not to say that we couldn’t go without a helping or two of the appearances (according to the official NY Comic-Con website, the “WB” line-up will also be in attendance). Then again, those Gilmore Girls are quite fetching.

2. Cosplay, Cosplay and MORE Cosplay

For many, the convention is as much about dressing up as their favorite pop-culture characters as it is about grabbing nerd swag and meeting industry darlings. There’s no reason to think that this year will be any different. After a weekend at Comic-Con, Halloween looks Bush League.

3. It’s Sold Out

No surprises here. It’s been oversubscribed to since its first year in 2006.

4. It’s the Second Largest Comic Convention

Even though last year’s NY Comic-Con attracted 105,000 people and is growing, it hardly holds a candle to the San Diego Comic-Con’s quarter-of-a-million folks.

5. It Merged With the Concurrent Anime Convention in 2010

NY Anime

It has become so large that it needed to merge with the NY Anime Festival, conveniently produced by the same company, Reed Pop.

6. Javit’s Center Will Likely be Demolished

Much to the dismay of many fans, Javits center may be demolished as part of a plan to build a new, larger facility in Queens. This means that the NY Comic-Con will need a new home.

7. NY Comic-Con is For Profit and Not Affiliated With the San Diego Convention


The non-profit San-Diego Comic-Con started out as a much more altruistic endeavor back in 1970. Now it’s practically a cottage industry, with for-profit clones popping up in many major cities each year.

8. It Makes More Sense in NY

NY Comic Con Nikita

San Diego may have rolled it out first, but NY is a world publishing and licensing hub. A large number of people who actually produce comics live in New York, which means that the NY convention is the one that’s more accessible to them.

9. Nerd Culture Has Become the New Mainstream

We know, Your letterman jacket and (slightly) feigned ignorance of nearly everything used to be all the rage. But times are changing, bud. Time to create a Reddit account and get with it.

10. It’s Only Going to Get Bigger

NY Comic Con crowds

Despite switching venues and making more space, the show hasn’t had enough room since it began in 2006. This year’s tickets sold out just as fast and the folks at production company Reed Pop are undoubtedly on the side of growing the show as much as possible. But it’s not like these conventions were ever known for their intimacy anyway.