Pink Just Has Sex to End Arguments With Husband Carey Hart

Pink and Husband Carey Hart

Pink, who has been married to husband Carey Hart for six years, admitted to The Advocate that she once ended a six hour long argument by having sex instead. Okay, admit it, sometimes the only way to resolve a fight is to give up and have passionate sex with your partner. Hey, it works, or at least puts the stress on hold.

Pink recalled the worst fight she ever had with Hart where they were involved in a six hour long screaming match.

She was “lawyering the sh-t out of the situation” until she abruptly decided to stop. “I was like, ‘You know what? Will you just come here and f-ck me?’ And he was like, ‘Wha-wha-what?'” she laughs. “I was like, ‘Yeah! I’m done fighting. Just come here and f-ck me — that’s all this is about.’ He was like, ‘OK!'”

Pink can argue with me anytime. Don’t worry Carey, I’m kidding. Couples should resolve fights like that more often, anyway. At least the divorce rate would probably go down.

Pink has come to realize why her fights get so heated with her husband sometimes.

“It’s usually that you feel vulnerable, that you feel powerless, that you feel out of control, that you feel scared,” she explains. “I’m a pit bull, but I’m a toothless pit bull. I will totally attack, but I just really wanted you to rub my tummy. Why when I bite you do you not understand that I just want you to rub my tummy?”

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