Sacha Baron-Cohen to Play Guy Who’s Paying $65M to Turn Daughter Straight

Sacha Baron-Cohen’s next movie project is a new-departure for the British funnyman, it will be based on true event. Inspired by the story of the Hong Kong billionaire who’s set a $65 million bounty on any man brave enough to woo his lesbian daughter away from her same-sex relationship.

The UK funnyman will tackle his next role as the billionaire who's trying to buy his daughter's sexuality

The story of the well-known Hong Kong billionaire putting a $65 million price-tag on his daughter’s sexuality made international news earlier last week. And Baron-Cohen is not one to miss an opportunity like this. It’s already in the works in Hollywood.

Currently it’s under the title, “The Lesbian”, creative, huh?

The comedian has already offended the black community in the UK with his “Ali-G” creation, the Eastern European folks with Borat, gay people with Bruno, and North African dictators with The Dictator. Now it seems it’s the turn of the Asian people, more specifically the turn of the Southeast Asian billionaire, Cecil Chao.

The husband of the delicious Isla Fisher has two other potential hits coming soon, a spy story where he plays a secret agent who is on the run with his soccer hooligan brother, and the epic musical Les Miserables.


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